30 Day Online Challenge

Welcome to the 30 day challenge! This challenge is for any and everyone that’s up for a little friendly competition. This challenge is 30 days long with 6 finishers taking home the pot. It’s $20 to enter the challenge that is to be paid via Cash App. The top 3 people that lose the most weight will take 50% of the pot. The top 3 people with the best Before and After will take the other 50% of the pot. There will be a Grand Champion based on overall performance. The Grand Champion will win a FREE night at any Hilton property in the U.S.Winners for weight will be picked based on highest percentage of weight lost so it’s an equal playing field for everyone. Winners will be paid 5 days after completion of the challenge. Fill out and submit the below form to enter. Make sure you get the promo code from the person who invited you to the challenge. You MUST have a promo code to enter the challenge.

Challenge Starts July 15th. The last day to enter the challenge is July 14th

The person that invited you to the challenge will provide you with a promo code
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